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A Lesson From Blackberry

Jan 31, 2022 11:39:21 AM / by Nick Jensen


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If you didn't hear the news, last month the Blackberry phone service officially came to an end.


At its peak, Blackberry controlled more than 50% of the cellphone market share! But, a lack of innovation and adapting to the times influenced a rapid decrease in market share year over year.


What can we learn from them?


It is important to always listen to those you serve, adapt to the times, and continue to be innovative with the products and the services offered.


What are some ways that you can be more innovative this month and the rest of the year?


We have some suggestions.


1. Keep your website up-to-date!

Whether you work with our website service or not, it is important to have a competitive website with your competitors, and a website that will leave behind lasting impressions on the families that you serve. If it has been a while since your site underwent a modernizing facelift, what's the wait? 

2. Keep in contact with your families!

Our Aftercare card program is the perfect way for you to maintain, easy and cheap contact with your families the year following the death of their loved one. Based on the reviews that we have heard, going the extra mile to show your love and support is a great way to build loyal fans who will continue to come back when they require your services!

3. Create opportunities to be seen in public settings!

Hosting public events such as local service projects, food drives, fun runs, and a variety of other things (be creative!), you will be seen and generate more interest and again, more fans, that will be interested in what you have to offer when they stand in need.


These are just a few ideas to hopefully give you a good starting point in building up your business. There are so many other ways that will be beneficial that we have not listed. Ultimately, going the extra mile will always pay off for the better! Here's to having more opportunities to serving those you care for most!


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Nick Jensen

Written by Nick Jensen