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Olympic Copyrighted Music Scandal

Feb 22, 2022 2:23:26 PM / by Nick Jensen

Music Scandal


Maybe calling it a scandal is a bit of a stretch. Maybe not. But calling it like it is, a court case, is serious enough. 


If you didn't hear, an American Figure skating team was recently brought under fire from the band Heavy Young Heathens, after the skating duo used their rendition of the hit song 'House of the Rising Sun' in their routine in Beijing.


Why would that be anything for us, a tech company that helps funeral homes, to make a blog post on? Well, to keep it short, because we are a provider, in a sense, of music to funeral homes across the globe. We frequently get asked about the limited supply of music that we are able to offer and if we plan on adding more songs. The answer is, we would love to, but are limited in our ability to add music to our tribute video library. 


But did you know we do provide you with the option to use songs that are not in our library? While this feature has its limitations in what you can ultimately do with the music, it offers you a way to make the music used in the funeral service exactly the song that the family wants you to use to best represent their loved one. 


If this is something that you were not yet aware of, or you just hadn't learned how to properly implement this into your video creation process, click here to watch our tutorial video showing how you can use this in your next video.


Not yet a user of our tribute videos? Click here to schedule a demo so that we can show you what makes our award winning software different from your current video provider.

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Nick Jensen

Written by Nick Jensen