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Why should you sign up for Stripe?

Mar 2, 2022 10:36:14 AM / by Nick Jensen

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Stripe is a payment feature that we have partnered with that allows you to control when you receive floral payouts. Easy to use for both funeral homes and florists, you will be able to establish if you want to get paid daily, weekly, or monthly. With this you can be sure that you are paid when you need it most.


To sign up for Stripe on our website platform follow the following steps:

  1. Go to condolences.com
  2. Click on the payouts tab on the navigation bar.
  3. Sign up there.

Pretty easy right? If you have not yet signed up for the services that Stripe offers, we would encourage you to do so now. 


Need a quick way to get to condolences.com? Click here to visit the site.

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Nick Jensen

Written by Nick Jensen