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The Final Resting Place of Notorious Criminals

May 1, 2019 11:53:00 AM / by Emily Sonderegger

We’ve all heard about the acts of notorious criminals, but have you ever wondered what happened to them after they died? These are the final resting places of 5 notorious criminals.

Al Capone

The best-known gangster of the 20th century controlled organized crime in Chicago from 1925-1931. He ran gambling, prostitution, and bootlegging operations and would take out rival gangs by any violent means necessary. He was indicted and convicted of income tax evasion by the federal government and sent to prison in 1931. 

Capone died in his Miami home in 1947 from a heart attack caused by late-stage Syphilis. He was initially buried in the Mount Olive Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois, but was exhumed and transferred to Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery.


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Charles Manson

Charles Manson was the leader of a death cult in the 1960s. He believed that the upcoming apocalypse would cause a race war between black and white people called “Helter Skelter.” He orchestrated several high profile murders to frame the African-American community and had his followers carry out the murders.

Manson died in November of 2017 in a state hospital in Bakersfield California. Several people came forward to claim the body, including a man that said he was Manson’s illegitimate son, and another man that produced a fake will. A California judge awarded Charles Manson’s grandson the right to the body. An open casket funeral was held four months later which was followed by cremation and scattering Manson’s ashes.


LA Times 

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald was the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. He was shot to death two days after the assassination by nightclub owner Jack Ruby. Oswald was being transferred to the Dallas County Jail.

Oswald was buried at a cemetery in Fort Worth Texas, but that wasn’t the end of his story. His remains were exhumed in 1981 to prove that his body was actually buried there due to conspiracy theories that claimed he was still alive. Authorities were able to use dental records to prove that the body belonged to Kennedy’s assassin. Oswald was reburied at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth, but his original casket was auctioned to an anonymous bidder for $87,500 in 2011.


Fort Worth Star Telegram

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was a notorious serial killer that was active from 1974 to 1978. Bundy targeted and killed young women in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, and Florida. He confessed to 28 murders, but many believe he was responsible for hundreds of deaths.

Bundy was executed by electrocution in 1989 at a Florida prison. His remains were cremated and there was no public funeral. He requested that his ashes be scattered to the winds over the Cascade Mountains in Washington.



Jim Jones

Jim Jones was the founder and leader of The People’s Temple. The cult began in the 1950s and by 1976 had amassed 1,000 members. Jones relocated himself and his followers to Guyana, to create a utopia in the Jungle. Jones claimed that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and that he could cure heart disease and cancer.

Although Jones’ was praised for creating a society of racial equality and justice for the impoverished, members reported beatings, death threats, and other cult-like control tactics. Jones would often test members’ loyalty by calling on members to practice mass suicide at all hours. This all culminated in 1978 when Jones murdered 914 of his followers by ordering them to drink Kool-aid laced with cyanide. Many people who would not drink the poison were shot or given a lethal injection. Jones died by gunshot while sitting at his desk and had enough phenobarbital in his system to kill a normal person. Jim Jones’s body was cremated and his ashes were scattered at sea.



Emily Sonderegger

Written by Emily Sonderegger