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Tukios Websites Create a Win-Win-Win for Families, Funeral Homes, & Florists

Jun 16, 2022 4:09:43 PM / by Ben Ferney


chart showcasing services provided from Tukios vs others. Florist, support team, website changes, service fee, and funeral home commission

Whether it’s higher commissions for you, lower costs for families, flexible sites, a support team of real people, or building communities by supporting local florists, we are excited to continue providing the best websites in the industry.


Having a floral shop on your website can create an experience where loved ones share sympathy and celebrate life. Whether flowers are ordered for the service or for the family, flowers provide comfort and a meaningful connection with loved ones who are local or from out of town. At Tukios, we know the importance of setting up a website effectively and are proud of our floral system.

Here’s how Tukios stands out in the market:


Bigger Checks for Funeral Homes, while Families Pay Less

We kept you and your families in mind when designing our system because we know how stressful your job is and the grief families experience. Our system provides funeral homes with the highest commission while maintaining the lowest service fee to ensure families pay less. We know that by providing you with bigger checks, you can spend more time with those who need you most.

Oh, and this allows us to provide your website for FREE!


Working with Your Local Florist on a Better System

As funeral directors, you are constantly connecting and building bridges with your community. You’ve built valuable relationships and we want to strengthen those by supporting your local florists. We do this by letting YOU DECIDE which florist(s) you would like on your website.

You don’t have to worry about training them, paying them, or handling any of the logistics - our team takes care of that! Not only do we train the florists, but we find that they are happier on our sites because we provide the most flexibility. 


Flexible Site = Happier Florists 

Florists are happier on our sites because they don't need to call us every time they need to make changes (like other website providers require). Our in-depth training gives them the flexibility to:

  • Customize and organize their products
  • Adjust prices to ensure they make what they need & decide payment frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Refund or cancel orders when needed
  • Adjust delivery fees based on the distance or how many locations they are working with
  • Adjust hours of operation

This flexibility empowers the florists to take care of the families, but not feel like they’re losing control of their business. While we allow florists to make changes themselves, our team is still available to answer questions or make adjustments.


Support Team #RealHumansRealHelp

After receiving hands-on training, the florists, like you, have access to our support team. When you dial our support number, there are no robots, no phone trees, no hold music, and no overseas call centers. Instead, your call goes straight to our team based at our office in Utah. Our team works hard to master the system to effectively help you! 


We are excited to continue providing a win-win-win for families, funeral homes, and florists by providing higher commissions, lower costs for families, flexible sites, a support team of real people, and building communities that support local florists.


Tukios puts quality time into your website and we are always here to make sure it’s just what you need and want. Learn more by scheduling a demo today!  


Ben Ferney

Written by Ben Ferney

Ben Ferney is the Director of Marketing at Tukios, and is passionate about the way communication can bring people together. He also enjoys traveling and meeting new people.