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Unique Ways to Bury your Pet

Sep 3, 2019 11:51:00 AM / by Emily Sonderegger

When a beloved pet passes away, there are a few options for their final resting place. People often choose to cremate their animals, place them in a local pet cemetery, or bury them in the backyard. Have you ever wondered about some of the more unique options available? Here is a list of 4 ways to bury your pet in style.

Pet Mummification

If you want a unique and historically inspired end for your pet, you can get them mummified at the Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City, Utah. Once your beloved pet is delivered to their facility, their Thanatogeneticists will begin the mummification process. They start by treating the body with oil and wrapping it in cloth. For 5-10 months they continue to use their modern mummification techniques until the body is preserved. It is then placed inside a unique bronze mummiform and returned to the owner. Mummification can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $28,000 depending on the size of the pet, and the bronze mammiform can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 depending on the bronze finishes and custom work.


Image: Vincent

Eternal Reefs

If you want an environmentally friendly way to inter your pet, an eternal reef could be the solution for you. Eternal reefs take the cremated remains of pets and people and mix them into an environmentally safe concrete. The concrete is molded into a shape designed to recreate natural reef formations to facilitate the growth of coral and fish habitats. The family of your pet can come and help mix the ashes into the cement, add handprints, messages, and small mementos like a dog tag or favorite treats. The reefs are placed on reef sites that are designated for fishing and diving, so you can dive down and visit your pet’s reef anytime you want. Eternal reefs have been placed off the coasts of Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia. The reefs cost $4,000 to $7,500 depending on the size of memorial you choose.


Image Eternal Reef

Pet Diamond

One way to keep your pet close to you at all times is to transform their ashes into a beautiful diamond ring. LifeGem is a company that takes the carbon from cremated remains and refines them into a beautiful stone. Once LifeGem has the cremains, they heat them to a high temperature to convert the carbon into graphite. The graphite is then placed inside of a diamond press which replicates the pressure and heat that happens within the earth to create a raw diamond. Then the diamond is given to their skilled diamond cutters and cut to your specifications and certified for authenticity. The diamonds come in a variety of colors, carats, cuts, and sizes. The price ranges from $2,500-$25,000 depending on how many carats you want your gem to have.


Image Life Gem

Freeze Dry Taxidermy

If burial or cremation isn’t for you and you’d rather keep your pet in your sights, freeze dry taxidermy could be. Freeze drying your pet is different than traditional taxidermy because it’s less invasive and creates a more realistic looking end result. Freeze drying uses a process called lyophilization that gently freezes the animal and uses a vacuum to extract the water vapor. The process generally takes around 2 to 4 months to complete and your pet can be positioned any way you want.


Image PreservedPets.com

Emily Sonderegger

Written by Emily Sonderegger