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Website Integrations

Oct 5, 2022 10:08:37 AM / by Ben Ferney

Website Integrations

It is important to help you save time! This is why we’re continuously adding integrations to our websites so you can keep using the other software or tools you love. We currently have integrations with:

  • Passare
  • ASD
  • Messenger’s Send With Love
  • Memoriams
  • Aftercare.com
  • Legacy.com
  • And more to come!

To access these, on the left menu click on "Settings" and then click "Integrations." You decide which ones you would like turned on. Below is a picture of the "Integrations" tab.


Haven't gotten a chance to learn about our website platform? Click here to schedule a demo!


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Ben Ferney

Written by Ben Ferney

Ben Ferney is the Director of Marketing at Tukios, and is passionate about the way communication can bring people together. He also enjoys traveling and meeting new people.