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12 AI-Generated Pictures That Depict What Deathcare Could Look Like in the Future

Oct 11, 2023 10:24:15 AM / by Jordan Wise



1.) Funeral Homes


Untitled design (12)   Untitled design (11)        


Funeral homes might become more modern and high-tech to keep up with advancing technology and the needs of families. 


2.) Funeral Services


a funeral servi 0


From floating caskets to futuristic suits, funeral services could look like scenes from a sci-fi film. 


3.) Cemeteries


a futuristic ce 1


Interactive touchscreen tombstones could be a thing of the future in order to learn about the deceased. 


4.) Cremation 


Untitled design (6)-2


Advancing technology could allow cremation furnaces to make eco-friendly cremations within seconds.  


5.) Embalming  


Untitled design (4)-2


In the future, embalming might be faster with machines to automate the process. 


6.) Caskets/Urns 


Untitled design (7)-1   Untitled design (9)-1


Caskets and urns could be immersive, giving families an interactive experience to help with grief and to remember their loved ones. 


7.) Hearses


a futuristic fl 0


Flying hearses could be a thing of the future to save time and avoid traffic while flying to funeral services. 


8.) Underwater 


Untitled design (8)-2


Underwater burials might become popular to save space on land. 


9.) Artificial Intelligence 


a funeral servi 1   a futuristic bu 0   


Artificial Intelligence could advance to the point they attend human funerals or have funerals for their own kind. 


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Jordan Wise

Written by Jordan Wise