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5 Animals That Mourn Their Dead

Nov 14, 2023 6:56:21 AM / by Jordan Wise



1.) Elephants




Elephants often use their trunks to gently touch the deceased or to cover them with dirt or leaves. They also stand vigil over the body and continue to visit the remains up to several years later. When a young elephant dies, the mother is often depressed for days and carries the lifeless baby on its tusks.  


2.) Dolphins




Dolphins sometimes refuse to recognize the loss of their babies and continue to push them to the surface to let them "breathe." They also frequently protect their deceased and mourn by making distress calls or seeking seclusion from their pod. 


3.) Chimpanzees




Chimpanzees commonly mourn by making crying sounds, caressing or grooming the deceased, and refusing to eat until becoming weak or passing away. When a young chimpanzee dies, the mothers often carry their dead infants around.


4.) Crows




When a crow passes away, other crows often gather around the body, walk around it, and call out to the others, alerting them of the death or potential danger.


5.) Whales 




Many whale species, like orcas, often carry their dead calves around for extended periods. To relieve their pain, they sometimes focus their attention on a carcass of a different species or a random object like a buoy.


Jordan Wise

Written by Jordan Wise