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What are the benefits of Aftercare?

Feb 23, 2022 9:49:44 AM / by Nick Jensen



Having a good Aftercare program in place can be truly advantageous for your funeral home. Being able to connect with families following the death of a loved one is something that people will hold dear to their hearts in the years to follow the decedents passing. But what are some of the other benefits that a good Aftercare program can do for you?


To list a few that we have heard about from some of our friends in the industry:


1. A years worth of easy contact with the families.

If you don't already know, our Aftercare.com card and text program that we have been offering funeral homes, sends out 5 points of contact the year following the death of a families loved one. By using this program, you don't have to stress about hand creating the cards and sending them out yourself, it's all automated and all you have to do is enroll the family!


2. Good results

A cool thing with the cards and texts that get sent out is that you can personalize them and make sure that families know that you really care. On top of that, these programs have gotten great results from families on the receiving end. As you are aware, when a decedent passes, their surviving family member is often times the lone survivor of their family and is left all alone. On big days they are susceptible to feeling lonely and forgotten. 

An example of this from a real recipient of the cards sounded like this to a funeral home who shared the voicemail with us:

"I lost my husband this year. I wanted to thank you for this mailing that I got about "thinking of you this Christmas Season." I thought it was a big help. A lovely thing to do. So thank you!"

At the end of the day, all you can do is hope that families feel of your love and support for them in their hard times. Having our Aftercare Program is a good way to get started on that.


3. Survey and Google Review

I have touched on this point quite a bit; Having good Google Reviews in crucial in separating yourself from local competition (Click here to read our Why is it important to have 5-star reviews). Our program offers you an option to help with that as one of the five touchpoints that get sent out is a survey that not only helps you to know what you can improve on or what you already do well, but it also encourages the families you work with to leave you a Google Review. 


4. Full Automation

A normal card program is something that gives some funeral homes nightmares. Hours of writing, addressing and mailing, it is understandable to see why there is still a relatively large portion of funeral directors that do not take part in any form of Aftercare. It simply seems like too much work to be worth it. 

Our program offers a solution to this problem. With the fully automated functionality of the system, all you have to do is enroll the family and then the system takes care of the rest and chooses days that will be best for the families to receive cards from you. We take pride in our 'suggested family list' that gets sent out weekly and allows you to see families that you can enroll with the click of a button. Truly, doing Aftercare has never been easier to take part in.


If you are not yet a user and would like to learn more, click here and schedule a demo with our Aftercare specialists!

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Nick Jensen

Written by Nick Jensen